“I do not promote teen dating …our culture does.”
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28. Jul, 2014

The First Dance by Allyson Karnowski

Besides a friendly game of kickball and classroom time, the first school dance may likely be the first serious interaction between a boy and a girl. It seems that these dances are coming sooner and sooner in a student’s life and before the parents know it, it’s time to ready their children for a step [...]

21. Jul, 2014

Back to the Beginning by Allyson Karnowski

The third graders have scattered around the playground for recess. Some kids are playing four square, some are circling to tell each other stories and some are climbing on the jungle gym. Ms. Carver supervises the students’ free time. She looks at the playful, innocent friendships until her eyes land on one boy and a [...]

14. Jul, 2014

Dating is Important by Allyson Karnowski

Something shifts a person’s perspective on dating. Somewhere along the way – after the summer romances, the prom nights, the college freedom – a person realizes the importance of dating. Early on, dating may be a way to meet people or develop relationships. There’s a point when dating becomes a scary, invigorating way to potentially [...]

07. Jul, 2014

The Past Meets the Future by Allyson Karnowski

“No, we’re not ‘officially’ dating,” she said. “We’re just having fun!” This is the type of conversation that almost always leads to poor decisions. Sadly, “fun” interactions have become very popular, especially among teens. One of the biggest, and most significant, ideas I learned looking back on my childhood and adolescent years is the power [...]