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10. Feb, 2015

Driving and Dating: What They Have in Common by Lisa Jander

Driving and Dating: What They Have in Common by Lisa Jander

When my kids were 10 and 12-years old, we acquired a golf cart from a pig farmer in exchange for some work we completed for which he could not pay. I was actually very happy about this fun new toy and the kids were beyond excited about their new wheels. After careful instruction, a safety […]

28. Dec, 2014

New Year Count Down

30. Nov, 2014

Route 66: Tips for the Dating Journey by Lisa Jander, Teen Dating Mechanic

Driving down the I-5 at 75 miles an hour guarantees that you will get to your destination on time; it does not mean you will enjoy the journey or learn anything new. Driving that same stretch on the Pacific Coast Highway at 40 miles an hour with stop lights, pedestrian crossings and an amazing view […]

25. Nov, 2014

Talking to Your Kids About Ferguson, Missouri

Fires, chaos, looting and gunshots. What happened last night after the grand jury delivered their decision not to indict Darren Wilson gives pause to what kids are experiencing in the aftermath. Whispers at the lunch table, escalated racial bullying and feelings of uncertainty and fear will permeate our schools across the nation. Social media will give kids […]