“I do not promote teen dating …our culture does.”
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20. Oct, 2014

Kissing and Storytelling by Allyson Karnowski

Sometimes I imagine parents sitting around talking about their kids, or sharing stories over the phone. In my case, I always picture moms telling embarrassing or proud stories of their teenagers. I did both the mortifying and (sometimes) honorable things, and I’m sure my parents told their friends a fair share about me as they […]

13. Oct, 2014

Boys with Unicycles and Girls with Tricycles by Allyson Karnowski

Tomboys have another life than the pretty pink girls. I was your typically tomboy that liked to hang out with boys in elementary and middle school. I had a group of friends that were girls who liked to jam out to the boy bands of our time together, but for the most part I enjoyed […]

06. Oct, 2014

The Fight for the Driver’s Seat by Allyson Karnowski

Last week, I wrote about one of a teen’s rites of passage: the road to independence. Teens want to be remembered differently than others. They want people to know who they are and the freedom they deserve as they grow older. Well, another rite of passage is just the opposite. In dating, teens want independence […]

29. Sep, 2014

Crawling to Cars by Allyson Karnowski

Growing up, I often heard, “You look just like your mother!” It was like this thing people thought they needed to tell me, even though my mom and I had an identical hair color and style, similar facial structure, and the obvious 50 percent shared genes. I would roll my eyes and say, “uh-huh…thanks…I know.” […]