“I do not promote teen dating …our culture does.”
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"date defensively, navigate safely and steer clear of unhealthy relationships.”
29. Sep, 2014

Crawling to Cars by Allyson Karnowski

Growing up, I often heard, “You look just like your mother!” It was like this thing people thought they needed to tell me, even though my mom and I had an identical hair color and style, similar facial structure, and the obvious 50 percent shared genes. I would roll my eyes and say, “uh-huh…thanks…I know.” […]

22. Sep, 2014

The Road to Your Average Teenage Partier by Allyson Karnowski

Many teenagers I have talked to didn’t want to become a “partier.” They never tried to be in the group of underage drinkers from the start. Teens don’t usually search out friends that lead them down negative paths. It’s just not how it happens, even though at times it may seem like that to parents. […]

18. Sep, 2014

Teen Dating Mechanic, Lisa Jander, interviewed on the Morning Drive with Robert Rees, 93.3 The Torch

 Click here to listen to the interview now! Robert Rees interviews Lisa Jander, Teen Dating Mechanic, on tips for parents to help safely navigate the teen dating years.  

15. Sep, 2014

Part IV – Social Media and Today’s Teens by Allyson Karnowski

In Part I, I talked about the change social media brings, specifically in dating. Part II had tips I learning for both the “Information Superhighway” and the literally highway. Part III discussed my eye-opening cell phone, social media-less date. And Part IV will talk about the healthy and unhealthy feelings that stem from social media. […]