Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to radically shift the cultural approach to teen dating through education. By using Driver's Ed as the proven model for safety and responsibility, Dater's Ed drives home the importance of implementing a structured course to help navigate the teen dating years. Dater's Ed is a proactive education to avoid the need for a reactive solution. Our mission is to STOP reckless dating before it begins. The old message is not working and teens are dating at rapid speeds with no brakes and no steering. We have proven method that is fun, structured, relatable, applicable and thorough. Dater's Ed is the Driver's Ed model for dating. Our Vision is to improve the quality of all relationships and lower the future divorce rate. And you are the key. Safe teen dating does not happen by accident.

Our Approach

A proactive education to avoid the need for a reactive solution.

The Model

Dater's Ed is modeled after the Driver's Ed manual because it is a proven approach to educating teens about safety and responsibility. Be sure to look through the Courses to view options.

Each Course

Each Course has 9 modules and is a self-guided, curriculum designed to maximize the ability to choose healthy relationships and minimize the risk of choosing unhealthy relationships.

Brain Research

Each Module begins with a video on brain development followed by a quiz to help students to identify different social behaviors.

Quizzes and Exam

Each of the 9 modules has 1 quiz and 1 exam to cement the lesson content and reinforce the concepts presented throughout the course.


There are 6 Lessons in each Module including images, quotes, text, questions, videos, stories and even situations to think through.


Throughout the Course, awards and certifications will be awarded to keep students interested and motivated to learn and engage

STOP Reckless Dating!


Teen Dating Crisis

According to U.S. Census Bureau, there were ~26,000,000 youth age 12-18 in the United States in 2015.
0 Out of 1000 students, 410 will have had SEX by the age of 18
0 Out of 1000 students, 351 will drink ALCOHOL by the age of 18
0 Out of 1000 students, 334 will experience ABUSE by the age of 18
0 Out of 1000 students, 114 will have DEPRESSION by the age of 18
0 Out of 1000 students, 400 will experience SEXTING by the age of 18

The Author

National Guest Expert, Speaker, Certified Life and Relationship Coach and Author of, "Dater's Ed: Driver's Ed Model For Dating."


Guest Expert
"I really liked the stories and quotes, “Just because you’re old enough to drive doesn’t mean you’re mature enough or ready to.” That really hit home because it is the same thing with relationships. The course was great, and I was like, “Wow! It is exactly like that!” I would recommend every teen take this course because I know a few people who have been through abusive or unhealthy relationships and I feel like they need Lisa'a advice to make things more clear."
"I'm a pretty protective dad so this course was great! I was able to take the entire course first, then go through it with my daughter. The car analogies were brilliant and made it really easy to have the tough conversations. Our time in the car now is a lot more fun and we are always looking for more signs to apply to dating. And my daughter is thrilled I'm no longer a "tailgating" parent! This course is a must!"
“We love Dater's Ed! So many other courses only cover one aspect of relationships. This course covers everything and you can apply the lessons to every social situation. The best part is that the students have really taken the initiative to form their own "Pit Crew" for accountability. The course has really helped the kids make better choices.”
"We chose the Christian Edition to do with our youth group. The analogies were brilliant and the kids were super engaged! The lesson on boundary lines really created some great discussion. We have a tough job getting through the noise of the culture but this course does a great job with a much needed message."
“The culture is changing and the influence of social media is an ongoing battle - even inside the walls of our school. This course has helped students, parents and teachers bridge the gap with an analogy that just makes perfect sense. The course is so rich with information and my staff has implemented many of the activities and discussions in the classroom. Very well rounded course.”

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