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 Q: What is Dater’s Ed?

A: Dater’s Ed is a proactive education to avoid the need for a reactive solution. By using the Driver’s Ed manual as the model for safe, responsible dating, Dater’s Ed teaches helps teens, parents, and educators navigate the teen dating years without an accident. It creates a family framework to use the parallel of driving to dating so that teens can use critical thinking skills to avoid unhealthy social situations and relationships.

Q: What is the teen dating crisis?

A: The teen dating crisis consists of 5 major danger zones that take teens off course and destroy their futures. Other programs only address one or two:

  1. Teen sex and pregnancy
  2. Teen dating violence and abuse
  3. Teens “dating under the influence” of drugs and alcohol
  4. Teen stress, anxiety, depression and suicide related to relationships
  5. Digital impact

Dater’s Ed is a comprehensive course that fully covers all aspects of the teen dating crisis. A good maintenance inspection on your car includes all areas of potential hazard instead of just guessing which one will fail. There is no other course available that covers all 5 dangers.

Q: What is different about Dater’s Ed?

A: Dater’s Ed is not the same old message delivered in the same old way.  Teens are tired of lectures, threats and outdated information that they’ve heard a million times. Teens relate to the driving analogy in a fun way that makes a bigger impact because it’s familiar. The message is not watered down and is delivered with a variety of techniques that are proven to break through the noise of this culture. If you are looking for a warm fuzzy course, this may not be the one for you.

Q: How do I know if this is the right course for me?

A: That’s easy, Take a test drive! You can experience a variety of module components with no obligation by clicking here

Q: Who should take Dater’s Ed?

A: Any teen or any adult wanting to be proactive in learning how to navigate the teen dating years and improve all social development. The Learner’s Permit is geared more for Middle to High School and is a recommended prerequisite to the License Course designed for upper Middle and High School.

Q: Is it too late to take the course if my teen is already dating?

A: It’s never too late to teach safety and responsibility! Refresher courses are common in Driver’s Ed so why not in Dater’s Ed?

Q: What if my teen doesn’t want to take the course?

A: Well, I guess you have 2 options:

  1. You can still take the course so that you are equipped to handle the road blocks ahead or…
  2. Take away the car keys until your teen recognizes his or her social responsibility. The desire for driving and dating comes online around the same time. Many parents have used that as leverage to motivate teens to complete both courses.

Q: How long do I have access to the course?

A: There is no expiration date so you can proceed at the speed that is right for you.

Q: Is Dater’s Ed just for dating?

A: No! All of the concepts in Dater’s Ed are designed to be used in all interpersonal settings at home, at school, at work, in your community, and in the world. Personal growth and relational development include social competence, social virtues, social awareness and social responsibility.

Q: How is the Christian Couse different from the Universal Course?

A: Both Courses are identical except the Christian Courses have over 170 Scriptures within the text. Think of it this way, If you cross the solid yellow line in the middle of the road, your religious affiliation does not matter…you are still in danger! Both Courses are modeled after the Driver’s Ed program focusing on safety and responsibility and have universal application.

Q: Do I have to take the entire course?

A: Well, does it make sense to only learn how to parallel park in Driver’s Ed but not learn how to merge onto the freeway, come to a complete stop at a stop sign, or who has the right of way? The Course is extremely comprehensive, and we guarantee there will be a ton of information you have not considered before. The great part is that you can circle back and review any lesson at any time for a refresher!

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