The STUDENT LICENSE: UNIVERSAL COURSE is recommended for Late Middle and High School Students. It is self-paced and can be used as a stand-alone course or as the curriculum in conjunction with the parallel GUIDE LICENSE: UNIVERSAL COURSE.

*The LEARNER’S PERMIT Course is a pre-requisite to the LICENSE Course. If you have not taken the LEARNER’S PERMIT Course yet, please start there. 

This course is password protected and has 9 Modules including 9 videos on brain development.  Each Module consists of the following:

  1. Downloadable PDF Notes handout
  2. Brian Video between 10-15 minutes each
  3. Online Brain Video Exam
  4. Text Lesson with images and quotes
  5. Brain Break Video (under 4 minutes)
  6. Pit Stop to wrap up each Module.
  7. Gamification and Certification
  8. Unlimited Access
  9. Can be used on all devices

The GUIDE Course is identical to the STUDENT Course and includes the following additional components:

  1. Downloadable Q&A for discussion
  2. Activities and Role Play Recommendations

9 Modules:

  • Start Your Engines!
  • Sign, Sign Everywhere a Sign
  • Boundary Lines
  • Pull Over! I’m Driving!
  • Dating Under The Influence
  • Emergencies and Hazards
  • Night Vision and Visibility
  • Passing the Test
  • Handing Over the Keys

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