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***We do not promote unhealthy teen dating, our culture does. We promote a proactive education to avoid the need for a reactive solution.


Sponsorship Opportunities
Dater’s Ed has several sponsorship opportunities available for brands and products with synergy between Drivers and Daters. The Dater’s Ed community consists of people who are highly engaged with their families and teens, and Lisa has a novel marketing approach to reach this target market. Lisa’s audience has demonstrated a high degree of loyalty to the community and has invested heavily in their teens. Lisa’s community shows up; they listen, and they participate because they believe in her message.
Lisa’s contacts are high-quality individuals, interested in purchasing products and services which Lisa endorses or recommends.  They are individuals who take action. Lisa’s audience is the emerging market of Youth and Student Drivers/Daters, ages 15 to 25, a highly prized demographic.  It also encompasses the Parents of this demographic, so relationships are being built in both arenas.
Why You Need To Consider Investing in Dater’s Ed:
•Highly-targeted and attractive demographic user group;
•Leverages social networking sites;
•High degree of member involvement, viewers are participants; and
•Interactive sponsorship model that integrates advertising and commerce into the content of our site.
We have three different Sponsorship Packages available, and we are seeking to customize and create a tightly integrated relationship that benefits our Sponsors by becoming the “trusted advisor” to our Community.  We provide an early entry point for our Sponsors to build relationships with our audience.  Each package will have some elements of the following categories included, and we welcome the opportunity to customize one of our packages to fit your needs.
Embedded Sponsorship Opportunity 
We intend to implement seven main Product Sponsorship areas of focus (not including ancillary product placements): Travel (Airlines & Hotels), Rental Cars (Automobiles and Insurance), Search Engines/Social Engines, Computers (Consumer Electronics), Beverages (Food & Drink) and Clothing.  The three Sponsorship Packages are:
o Teen Platinum Sponsorship:  
o Teen Gold Sponsorship:
o Teen Silver Sponsorship:
Integrated Website Sponsorship on
  • Header Banner
  • Side Bar Tower Banner
  • Footer Banner
  • Integrated Article Placement
Embedded Video Sponsorship
  • Weekly Video Blog (pre-roll, post-roll and interstitial sponsorship)
  • Weekly LIVE Parent Coaching Webinar
Embedded Book Cover and Book Placement
i.     Existing book cover Medallion stick-on
ii.    New book cover
iii.   Next book cover rights
Social Media Marketing Campaign Embedded Sponsor, weekly distribution to Dater’s Ed accounts at:
i.     350+ social networking websites
ii.    Global Audience reach in excess of 1.5 million members
iii.   5000+ news, directory, search sites
iv.    2.5 million professionals
v.     540,000 reporters
Embedded Sponsorship for DVD Training Series
i.     Introductory/Marketing DVD
ii.    Direct Marketing to Schools, Churches, PTA’s, Parenting Organizations
iii.   First Year Distribution Projection 50,000 DVD’s
iv.    6 DVD Training Set
Workshops & Seminars
i. California School Administrators and School District Supervisors numbering over 9,000 contacts are currently included in Lisa’s distribution.
ii. Lisa personally presents an average of 4 times per month, averaging more than 100 attendees responding from several thousand families per school.
iii. Banner Advertisements, as well as Book and DVD Sales are part of each event.
iv. Pre-Roll PowerPoint presentation includes 10 to 15 minutes of Pre-event advertising – monthly emails sent automatically to subscribers to highlight stories, Electronic Newsletter tips, and specials.
Lisa is open to flexible discussions about product placement sponsorship opportunities, so please feel free to contact her to discuss in more detail at 

Contact Information:

Teen Dating Mechanic and Relationship Coach
Lisa Jander
1155 Camino del Mar, Suite 521
Del Mar, California 92014
(+01) 951-285-5566